Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Top 5 Methods To Help You Reach Your Word Count

You have an idea. Great!
You get the laptop ready. Great!
You write the first three sentences. And man oh man, they are awesome. Great!

Then you stare at the monitor for the next half hour trying to decide if that comma should be a semicolon.

Does this look familiar?
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Come on!

The world is waiting for your super fantastic story. Hurry up!I know...I know, easier said than done. But don't despair, follow these tips and soon you'll be on your way to penning the next War and Peace.

The phone book, not exactly as shown
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      Top Five Methods To Help You Reach Your Word Count

1. No Internet! You're reading this because you were on Twitter, which means you're not writing. How's that working for you? If you need to do research, save it for later, it's too tempting to pop over and see what's new on Pinterest. Seriously, get off line.

2. Set a reasonable word count for each writing session. You want to set yourself up for success, not failure. The feeling of accomplishment will fuel your motivation for the next goal. Start small then gradually increase the word count.

3. Reward yourself each time you reach a goal. Preferably something that will get you moving or at least outside. Like say...a walk to the candy store. And if you don't live near a candy store, that's really sad.

4. Tell someone about your goal. Accountability increases your chances of following through. Lots of writers use twitter to give word count updates on their latest WIP. This helps motivate other authors as well.

5. Get unplugged. If you know your laptop only has a battery life of one hour, you'll write faster. No really, you will.

Now go set the world on fire with your awesomeness. I can't wait to read your book!

Do you have any tips for reaching your word count?


  1. No Internet is thee best one I know. And if you play games (I'm addicted to Mah Jong) make sure that is turned off too. :)

  2. The internet is a time suck. I agree.

  3. Hi Daphne, I set a time for an hour and fifteen minutes and say to myself - "Write for one hour." Then when the timer goes off - I feel like hooray, I did it! Thanks for the great tips.

    1. You are disciplined! Well done. And it's amazing how quickly the words add up when you stick to that schedule. Thanks for sharing, Dee Dee.


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